Getting Married with a Newborn Baby

Weddings are more exciting when there are kids around, especially kids of the couple. Newborn photography can be done simultaneously as the wedding photography, and there are countless ideas that can be made into reality. Couples who have newborns by the time they say I do, they can include the baby to the wedding entourage and have his or her pictures taken as well during the ceremony.

If you are getting married and you are shopping around for a wedding photographer Toronto and you want your newborn to have a photo shoot as well, that is the first thing that you have to ask. Is there a newborn and wedding photography package? If the answer is yes, then the next step is to brainstorm ideas on how the two photo shoots can be fused into one.

Getting Married with a Newborn Baby

The couple’s rings around the baby’s feet.

Since the baby’s feet are so small, the rings will be dangling from each big toe. The photo can either be the baby’s feet only or including his or her whole body. With this idea in mind, ask your New Jersey newborn photographer for a variation and maybe you can come up with something that includes you and your fiancé.

The baby wearing the groom’s necktie.

If the baby is a boy, he can wear his daddy’s necktie around his neck, and nothing else. The color of the necktie will pop out against the baby’s skin tone. The length of the tie will also be enough to cover the middle of the body and provide a little warmth to the baby. Make sure though that tie necktie is tied loosely around the neck to avoid discomfort to the baby.

The baby wearing a miniature wedding gown/tuxedo.

Now this will be a pretty picture. Depending on the baby’s gender, have a wedding dress or tuxedo customized for the baby. He or she can wear it to the ceremony itself and during the photo shoot. Infant-friendly fabrics should be used so that the baby’s skin does not get irritated. There are some fabrics that may cause itchiness to the baby’s soft and sensitive skin, so use only the softest fabrics for the dress.

The baby with the bride’s flower bouquet.

Lay the baby on a rug and place the flower bouquet beside him or her. The baby can either wear something or just in his or her birthday suit. To make the photo more striking and beautiful, sprinkle flower petals around the baby. See to it that no flower or petal touches the baby as it may irritate his or her skin, especially if it is sprayed with chemicals to seal in the freshness.

There are countless more ideas for a combined newborn and wedding photo shoot. Expect for the package to be a little more expensive because there will be two photo shoots to be done. The photographer must be able to work around the baby without any difficulty and if he can appease the baby if it is crying while being taken pictures, that will be an added bonus so you and your partner will no longer have to worry about the baby’s pictures coming out differently.

Things to Know When Considering Newborn Photography

The birth of a child is perhaps the most meaningful and most important event for many people. For parents, the birth of their child can be the most precious thing on earth especially if it is their first time to witness a newborn that is their own. That is why becomes important for many parents to hire Chicago newborn photographer to be able to professionally capture the wonderful first few moments of newborn babies and keep them until the day they are old.

Just like the works of Houston wedding photographers wherein they will take a couple to beautiful places for a pre-nuptial photoshoot, newborns can also be dressed and put into cribs and other cute baby stuff to create even more beautiful photos. Most photographers would take close-up pictures mostly so parents can have a clear memory of how the baby looks during the first few days. Some may also show how little the baby is by using props to be included in the photoshoot. One of the most effective ways to show how little a baby is, is to let the baby hold a parent’s finger or simply by gently touching the baby’s head or hand. This will surely show the size difference, which is truly a wonderful thing to look at.

Things to Know When Considering Newborn Photography
It could be very exciting to bring home the baby but parents should be able to take a picture of their newborn while in the car seat. Make sure that the interior as well as the exterior of the car is taken in the photographs. Even though it is not professionally taken, picturing that moment is very important as well.

Right after bringing home the baby, parents may already schedule an appointment with a photographer. The earlier, the better. There are photographers that will require parents to go to their studio as they have props there to be used during the photoshoot with their baby. However, there are also photographers that will come to the parents’ house. Parents can opt for the choice that is more convenient for them. Studios would create photos that focus on the beauty of the baby while photoshoot that will take place on a home will show the natural environment of the baby. Whichever parents choose, these photographs will surely create unforgettable memories.

If you are considering newborn photography, you should talk to your photographer about the type of photos you want to be taken. If you have specific goals or if you are going to change your baby’s clothes several times, you may also talk about it to your photographer to come up with the cutest baby photos. If you want to achieve photos on different locations of your home, it can also be easily coordinated with a photographer as long as you choose one that is flexible, experienced and talented. Make sure that you schedule a photoshoot during the time of the day when your baby is awake and active so he would not be shown as sleeping in all the photos.

Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

Looking for a professional wedding photographer is not as easy as choosing outfits or selecting bridal bouquets for your wedding entourage for one simple reason: you really cannot see the photos you are paying for until you have finally made your decision. Hiring a professional wedding photographer Houston can be tricky especially when you have a wide array of options. So how do you go about in finding the best photographer to capture one of your life’s greatest events? Here are some helpful tips.

Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

Personal Referrals

Begin your search by creating a list of referrals. You can ask recommendations from relatives or friends to start. You might also want to check around happy client who had their own positive experiences with their photographers. Building a list of options allows you to broaden your options until you finally found the perfect one.

Visit Different Wedding Photographer’s Website

Today, looking for the perfect wedding photographer is as easy as clicking your mouse at the convenience at home. Most professional wedding photographers have their own websites to allow you to carefully go over their portfolio. At present, anybody can have a beautiful wedding template with flash designs that can easily attract client; however, you need to be sure that you concentrate on the photographer’s collection of photos and not on their website design.

Good wedding photographers normally showcase most of their recent works online, which include even full weddings. Checking on websites will help you save a lot of time because from here, you can easily pre-qualify your options and go for photographers with comprehensive online portfolio that will then lead to a possible meeting. If the portfolio of a photographer looks so inviting to you and you feel like there is a ‘click’, then you have a choice.

Call in for an Interview

Once you have created a list of options for a professional wedding photographer, make a quick phone call to check vital information, like the availability of the photographer on your big day, or the type of photography they specialize in – whether they are into candid photography, photojournalism, traditional, combination, digital, or film among others.

You may also call to have an idea on how much the photographer will charge you and what you will receive for that fee. Furthermore, making a phone interview can also help you have an idea about the personality of the photographer. Always remember that what you are trying to look for is someone who will become an integral part of your wedding day, so make sure you go for someone who you genuinely feel good about.

Make an Appointment

When you have narrowed down your options, make appointments with your ideal wedding photographer so you can fully view their portfolio and even start discussing details. Meetings must include the groom and the bride, the parents of the bride, and anyone else who will work closely together with the Raleigh wedding photographer. If possible, jot down all your possible questions before you sit down for a meeting.

Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

Still Life Photography – A Lucrative Profession

Capturing the images of inanimate objects with your camera is called still life photography. As the name itself connotes – still life refers to things that have no life, or simply put – the things around you like your couch, dining table, fruit trays, flowers, jars, and so on. Just like a Raleigh Wedding Photographer, you can be as creative as you can with still life photography if you know how to romance with your camera as you take photos of your subjects.

Still Life Photography – A Lucrative Profession

More time to prepare

Still life photography is easy to manage because you have time to prepare. You have the free hand to arrange the objects you will photograph and adjust the lighting and other special effects that help bring out the best in your photos. If there is something closest to the phrase “picture perfect”, it is still life photography. This is because you can actually take perfect pictures since you can pre-arrange the inanimate subject matter before you click away. In Pittsburgh Wedding Photography you need to make a lot more adjustments because your subjects are mostly people or characters who are in a way acting their roles in the wedding event. There are a lot of unpredictable moments in weddings so that your shots are often done according to proper timing and calculation.

Still Life Photography – A Lucrative Profession


One of the aspects that you have to master in still life photography is composition. Since you have the time to prepare everything before the actual shoot, you need to compose the subject matter and setting. The elements of composition are lighting, arrangement of objects, setting and background. In a sense, you are making a picture in still photography, more than shooting them. The outcome of your photo depends on the composition of the objects. As long as you have a keen eye in organizing objects, blending their colors and spotting the perfect site where you can set the objects, your photography will go a long way.

Lucrative profession

Still life photography is one of the most successful types of photography. Many magazines, catalogues, websites and other publishing ventures require still life photographs. Nonetheless, success is relative, which means what you reap depends on how much you put in. If your still life photographs are sharp, clear and blends well with the color and lighting, they will fit glossy magazines perfectly. Still photography requires that the photographer is creative, imaginative and artistic. The beauty here is that there are a thousand things you can do to make your pictures look great and impressive.

Improvised set up

One nice thing about still life photography is you can do it in the comfort of your home or studio. You can actually come up with an improvised set up and paraphernalia to achieve the effects you want. You can make use of refuse articles in your house such as cardboards, tin cans, foils and other household materials to promote enhanced effects. Even a discarded umbrella can be used as light filter. By using available materials around you can save money and the amount you save can be used in purchasing other tools for your profession.

Photo Booths in Wedding Receptions

Photo booths are the in thing in weddings and other occasions. It is one way of entertaining guests and creating fun memories during an event. You can have gorgeous and funny photos from the booths for you and the wedded couple to keep as souvenirs. Candid photographs provide unforgettable mementoes as they are taken in different stolen poses. These are actually the behind-the scenes pictures that show people in their unguarded moments. The prints look so natural, real and delightful. This is one part of the wedding reception where everyone can just let loose and be their funny selves to provide more life to the occasion. What is even cooler with photo booths is that with the help of a Denver Wedding Photographer, you can do it yourself and create a way to make your photo prints wackier and sillier.

Photo Booths in Wedding Receptions

Photo booth rental

With Orange County Wedding Photography, you can opt for a photo booth rental that you can set up in one corner of the reception hall. Most rentals provide the paraphernalia needed to come up with colorful shots and prints. Usually, there is a table on the side where the hats, masks, ties, scarves, goggles and other photo booth ensemble are laid out for people to pick. Select the one that fits your taste and style and then you wait for your turn at the booth. Pictorials are commonly DIYs, but an assistant will teach you what to do. You will be allowed to take four shots at the minimum. The photo booth rentals sometimes come free as part of the wedding package and usually provided by the official photographer himself.

Photo Booths in Wedding Receptions

Souvenir for newlyweds

The photo booth pictures are mostly used as souvenirs for the newlyweds. The guests are given two copies. They keep one copy and the other copy is usually posted on a board where the guests sign and leave congratulatory messages for the couple. Thus, the photo booth serves two purposes: for the entertainment of the guests and as souvenir items for the wedded couple. So, if you look at it, everything serves a good purpose for everyone in the wedding event. If you plan to use a photo booth for a wedding where you will act as photographer, make sure that the machine can accommodate enough photos. There are limitations to some photo booth rentals and they can only generate so many prints.

Photos for pick up

In some occasions, the photo booth prints are too many for the printer to produce. If this is the case, the guests must wait. So you will not be hard up in organizing and allocating the photos to their owners, tie a long ribbon beside the booth where you can clip the finished pictures. The owners of the photos can just take a look and then claim their respective items. Be sure you are handing the photos to their rightful owners to prevent confusion. If there are people who want to have more prints, you can take their orders. Give them your business card and inform them when they can get their prints. You may also mail the photos to them if they agree to shoulder the shipping costs.

Scoring a touchdown in football photography


Football, with its action, thrill, and unpredictability makes an awesome subject for photography. Snapshot of a winning catch or just the right angle of a perfect touchdown is some of the moments photojournalists are eager to capture. But capturing a game as fast paced as football is not an easy task. In photographing a football game the photographer must follow some basic guidelines for a better picture. They must know what they want the subject of their picture to be. The viewer’s eye must be directly drawn to the subject by focusing attention on the subject. Anything else that distracts attention away from the subject must be eliminated by simplifying the picture.

Getting to the specifics of photographing football, the most important thing is the access. One must try to get close to the action, which in football means on the sidelines. Capturing the action in close-up, getting in tight and showing the players big and important in the pictures is a key to excellent football photography.

In football photography, unlike other sports where one can frequently anticipate the action, it is difficult to get every picture of every play because football is totally unpredictable. Since covering the whole field is impossible one must focus on being ready to capture the plays that are coming their way.

Most of the times the objective is to capture the action as it comes and races past the photographer’s way. Though the faces of the players are shadowed and hidden by helmets, getting good exposure of the player’s face often separates the good from the great.

Showing the ball is a must in sports photography. Fortunately, in football, the ball is usually visible.

Lastly, the reaction shots mustn’t be forgotten. The joy and anguish on the faces of the people in the stadium, or the players on the benches and the coaches after an immaculate play or an unfortunate mistake gives some exclusive shots in a football game.



Photographing football like a professional

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Many of us come across some great shots from a football game that just don’t display a mere catch or a touchdown but also some unusual terrific detail that may be the worry on a quarterback’s face when blindsided by an angry lineman or extreme or hopeful eyes of rest of the players just before a winning touchdown.  These good quality shots are rare because football photography is a challenging job to do. It’s not just about pointing the camera at the players and snapping it away. It’s so much more than that. However, there are several tips that may be followed to capture some of the best photographs in a football game.

The closer you can get to the sidelines the better it is because football photography is all about capturing the action from as close as possible. After the location, the second most important thing is to have the right equipment and correct equipment settings which include ISO sensitivity, shutter speed, aperture, flash, focus and zoom range. Setting camera’s ISO to high helps capture high shutter speeds. Usually 1200-1600 is a good setting. A shutter speed of 1/500 second or faster stops almost all the action. Moreover, experiment with shutter speeds gives the right balance of exposure and motion freezing.

To facilitate higher shutter speeds and to narrow the depth of the focus, the aperture is to be kept as wide as possible. This throws the background out of the focus and moves emphasis in the image to the central subject. Since the objects are distant there is not much benefit from the flash so it may be avoided. Using spot focus and fast shutter settings forces the camera to use the centre of the image to set exposure and focus which in turn helps capture more action with rapid-fire shutter. While a telephoto lens lets the photographer get close-ups on individual player, a wide angle lens helps get larger field or audience shots. Having a second lens available lets one be more flexible.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned tips anyone can manage to snap away some fantastic plays from a football game.

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Mastering the art of football photography


Football is a game of high stakes and even higher emotions. There is anguish of losing a game by a “wide-right” field goal or joy of watching an immaculate catch. Since football is such a high-paced and totally unpredictable game, football photography is quite a challenge for photographers. There are 22 players on the field to deal with, not to forget, the referees and the coaches trying to make a point, all topped with a midday sun or inconsistent lighting inside domes. Not all photographers are lucky enough to have a press pass so sometimes you must also deal with shouting and screaming fans all ready to jump and block your shots in nose-bleed stadium seats.

Some tips may however help you score a touchdown with your digital photographs. Starting off with a camera with plenty of adjustment features is helpful. Being able to adjust the shutter speed, ISO settings and exposure levels to adjust to difficult lighting scenarios adds to the final results.  Action happens fast in football so shoot with the highest possible shutter speed. Experiment by increasing the ISO sensitivity. ISO setting basically determines how sensitive the digital camera is to the light. Higher the ISO setting, faster can the shutter speed be adjusted.

Not all the action in football happens on the field. One must keep an eye on the sidelines. Glancing over the sidelines one in a while in a TV timeout or some other break may help one capture shots like coaches interacting with their team or emotions running high after a fantastic play or a bad mistake. Sometimes, even cheerleaders or mascots make some interesting pictures.

Knowing about the game and the team helps get better compositions. Every team, every player has a mandatory pattern of playing. With so many players on the field it’s virtually impossible to snap away every big play. But knowing a team or a player increases the likelihood of having the camera focused on the right player at the right time.

Right preparation, right equipment and a bit of luck, that’s all that’s needed to capture an amazing football still from a field.


Tips for Football photography



Photographing any moving object in itself is a challenging task. It gets all the way more tricky on a football field. This is why football photography is not so easy, especially for beginners. Football is a game of high stakes and even higher emotions, whether it’s the ecstasy of watching a winning touchdown or the anguish of losing a game because of a costly mistake. This high paced, anything-can-happen event is one of the most difficult games to photograph.

Getting to the specifics of football photography the most important thing is to capture the action which cannot be done unless the photographer is on the sidelines. However being on the sideline may help getting some exclusive close up shots, you must not expect to get every picture of every play. Unlike some sports where it is easy to preempt the moves of the players, football is an unpredictable game. The play may come the photographer’s way or it may be on the other side of the field. Since it is virtually impossible to cover the whole field you might miss some great opportunities but you have to keep your focus on being ready for the play that comes your way. Because unlike other sports where frequent anticipation increases the likelihood of having the camera focused at the right player on the right time, football photography is a bit more dependent on the photographer’s luck.

Managing to get a good exposure of a player’s face despite their faces being shadowed or hidden by helmets differentiates a great photographer from the good.

Not all the action in football happens on the field. Glancing over the sidelines once in a while when the team is in a huddle, the photographer may notice the coaches interacting with their teams, the crowd roaring or the cheerleaders and the mascots all of which can make an interesting photo subject.

How to capture great football pictures?

How to capture great football pictures?


There is so much more to football photography than just turning up at a football game with a camera. Football is a game of thrill and anticipation. There are a lot of emotions to capture, be it the screaming fans after a perfect touchdown or emotions running high among the team after a great play or a costly mistake. With 22 frantically running players on the field along with their coaches and the referees, it makes football photography a tricky job to do.

The basic most tip to capture an amazing still from a football game is to choose the right equipment and then to know about it well. One must be familiar with all the settings and functions of their equipment to obtain a decent shot.  The settings you may find yourself going for would be high shutter speed, ISO mode and wide apertures. Since football being a high paced game it is difficult to achieve that “frozen in time” in the photos. This is corrected by high shutter speeds. Faster the movement in the game, higher is the required shutter speed. High ISO sensitivity helps capture higher shutter speed. Usually a 1200-1600 is a good setting. Wider is the aperture, the better things get. This also facilitates higher shutter speeds, and narrows the depth of the focus.

But a good composition is not the result of just good equipment. Best of the photographic results are arrived at by lots of research and preparation. There is a uniquely choreographed and repetitive movement in every player’s game which if well studied and pre-known helps capture a sensational still as the photographer is able to anticipate a great move before it has happened.

It’s not just about the action on the field. Reaction shots are equally important. Pictures of ecstasy or agony on the faces of the people in the stands or the coaches and the player on the bench when they are up and roaring after a great play make some fantastic football snapshots.